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Supporting a Community and Funding a Great Cause

Rebel Road was "built by community" in order to show support for Downtown Muskegon. Consisting of breweries, restaurants, bars, a performance arts center, an arena, small shops,  a gallery, hotels and other businesses, Downtown Muskegon is the place to be and a great place to throw a party.  All of these businesses have something unique to contribute to Rebel Road.

Five years later and we're still going strong!

Like Downtown Muskegon, Rebel Road has seen a lot of changes in the past five years. But some things have remained the same: Muskegon's Rebel Road is still  Michigan's best biker bash, and everyone who visits is doing their part to fight child abuse.


The Child Abuse Council Of Muskegon County  plays a huge role in the planning and execution of Rebel Road.  All of the proceeds from the CAC Beverage Tents scattered in  Downtown Muskegon go to the Child Abuse Council of Muskegon County to support our local kids .


Muskegon has a rich motorcycle history. It is home to the Muskegon Motorcycle Club (MMC). Founded in 1920, the MMC is older than the American Motorcycle Association. The MMC established what would become the first professional hill climb in the United States in 1923. The Muskegon Motorcycle Club still hosts the National Hill Climb Competition held at Mt. Garfield every other August on even-numbered years. The next National Hill Climb is scheduled for 2020, its centennial celebration! 


Kids often found living on the street, w
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The Road of Rebels
The Road with Vendors
Road Full of Bikes
Filling up the Road

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